Senior Manhunt 2014

@ 41, I didn’t expect myself to register for the contest. I gladly accepted the invitation simply because I like the idea of ageing well. Hopefully, this will give other another view that we can live a more quality lifestyle and maybe a bit happier.  ​At the same time, I will definitely by motivated because I have a clear goal, not to win the prizes but to win myself 🙂

Hey guys, a heads up for next Wed (12 Mar) or (13 Mar) Thu’s interview session. Here are the questions. For you to have some time to think about your answers and be prepared. Cheers, Jon & Ed

1. Congratulations on making it as a finalist on Manhunt Singapore/Senior Manhunt Singapore 2014! What does this mean to you? What made you join the competition, and what do you hope to get out of it?
– about aging well and being alive
– ask Jon
– friendship

2. When it comes to physical training, what is your philosophy? Do you have any exercises or sports that you hate? Tell us one sport at which you’re completely hopeless.
– stay mentally and physically healthy
– nothing i hate
– sport I never try?

3. Tell us some of your favourite ‘sinful’ foods. What are some of your most ‘hated’ foods?
– love laksa, hokkien mee, fried kway teow
– nothing really, even for the chinese medicine

4. How would you describe your personal fashion style? What are some of your favourite brands of clothing, shoes, underwear, and accessories? Is there anything that you wouldn’t ever be caught dead wearing?
– simple and friendly
– don’t really bother about brand actually
– lipstick?

5. Entertainment-wise, what are some of your favourite TV shows and/or movies? What are your favourite music genre/s, band/s and/or artiste/s? What fills your iPod? What are your three desert-island albums? (i.e. if you’re trapped on an island, what 3 albums would you bring with you?)
– haha, I am boring.. I like most chinese and english movies
– haven’t had a ipod, just bought my 1st Apple device – ipad air in Feb 2014
– I won’t rather trade it for 3 books

6. We all have pet peeves and pet hates. What are some things that irritate you or make you mad?
– people with NO integrity

7. Tell us something quirky about you. E.g. any interesting phobias (such as fear of blood/butterflies/horror movies/thunder/furry animals/reptiles/rollercoasters maybe?), unique habits (OCD?), etc.?
– nothing much, i have killed big cobra and caught big snake…
– used to hate rats alot and killed many bare hands

8. How would you describe yourself as a kid/teenager? Share with us some of your most memorable moments from your growing up years – which have shaped you and meant a lot to you.
– DARK age, started full time job @ age 7
I was trying to catch about 100kg earthworms during a rainy day when I was in Primary school.
The water @ the earth worm pond flooded and I didn’t know how to swim. In fact, i was only 1.2m and water was as deep as 1m or more. This shake up my life and keep me focus even till now.

9. If you could travel back in time to any point in your life, with the power to change decisions you regret, what would you choose to change and why? If not, what would you relive for the joy of it?
– quite a few I guess. nothing really matters now.

10. Which fictional character (e.g. cartoon, anime, comic, book, TV show or movie character) would you like to be, or do you think best represents you? Why does that character appeal to you?
– snow white? haha…

11. What is your opinion of the stereotype that “most handsome hunks are superficial himbos”?
– that’s not my view, that’s the key.

12. So you’re in Manhunt. Obviously you realise you have an above-average face and body, so let’s say tomorrow morning you wake up with a different face and body, completely average and unremarkable, or perhaps even `ugly`.
– I am glad that I didn’t think I am above average.
A) How would you react? Would you be horrified?
Obviously you’d take the time to work and get the body back, but beyond the face and body, tell us what else we might start to notice about you. Tell us some of your hidden talents and personality traits.
– @ 41, it doesn’t matter anymore.

13. In your opinion, what defines the quintessential man of this era? If he is a perfect 10, how would you rate yourself on that scale?
– Wise and with integrity.
– 9.9

14. Has anyone ever done anything that touched you deeply? Who was it, when did it happen and what did this person do that moved you?
– my mum
– Since young, my family has been struggling with financial hardship. She works extremely hard from 5am till near middle of the night every day making sure everything is taken care of even with certain abusive language used on her mum-in-law.
– To illustrate the dept, I nearly committed suicide right after secondary school. It was because I knew that life will be much more miserable after she lost her first child and I need to pull myself to ensure she don’t suffer as much moving forward.

15. Please prepare a 30 second to 1 minute long message you’d like to say to your current/future supporters to thank them for their support and to ask them to continue supporting you in the competition. We’ll be shooting a video of you saying this on the day of your interview. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a one-take wonder!

Hi All, thanks for being there. Really, the world really suck without good people like you. Thanks for your kind support and being there, always 🙂