Most of us try not to think about death or unpleasantries befalling on us. Yet it is important to take stock of what we have and to plan ahead – to spell out what needs to be done in case something untoward does happen. In brief, we all need to do our estate planning.

We should be concerned for our loved ones. Let your loved ones know where your Will is kept, where to find the liquidity that you have set aside, to settle the liabilities that need to be taken care of, what you want to say or explain and what you would like to see in their future lives. And so on. If we are not around, they should know where our assets and savings are.

The consequences of not doing anything can be tragic. Hard earned possessions could be lost or stolen or untraceable. Misunderstandings among surviving heirs may arise because they are unclear about what you wanted. Financial hardship may follow because of non-traceability, intractable disputes or delay in resolving issues. So take stock of your things and treat this as your priority. Your loved ones will cherish and remember you as loving, caring, orderly and far-sighted.

Warmest Regards and Best Wishes
Lee Chiwi, Chief Executive

Wealth Coach LLP – A Note On Your PreceptsGroup Estate Planner

We provide a business platform, in the areas of succession, management and distribution of wealth, that our estate planners use to help clients implement their estate plans. As a specialist in estate and succession planning, we provide the expertise, the solutions, the updates, and training to enable our estate planners to carry out this intermediary role to facilitate the estate planning needs of clients.

An estate planner undergoes through extensive hours of training and examination in our PreceptsGroup estate planning training. Many are certified as AEPPs (Associate Estate Planning Practitioner) or as Affiliates of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). At the same time, they continue to be engaged with us in our monthly advanced training workshops. Accordingly, your estate planner is well poised to assist you with the multifaceted aspects of estate and succession planning, whether in dealing with bank accounts, real estate or cross border assets.

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